A Dog's Life with Anna Webb Joined by Nikki Tibbles and Sam Toft


We’re joined by Nikki Tibbles, CEO of Wild at Heart Foundation (WAH) and the Artist, Sam Toft at the Panter & Hall Gallery on Pall Mall. 

We chat to Nikki about the truly amazing welfare projects helping dogs in need around the globe. Talking about their work, Nikki explains that 75% of the world’s dog population are strays. 
Over the years WAH has raised funds to set up vet services in regions like India where the stray dog population must be reduced for the welfare of dogs. With thousands of sterilisations, sending 5.5 tons of dog food, working with charities helping Ukrainian canine refugees. Helping with rabies vaccines, and parasite control, Nikki explains why WAH works collaboratively, and sustainably setting up practice clinics. 
Most recently WAH is partnering with food banks to help dog owners struggling to feed their dogs in the cost of living crisis. Nikki’s passion is to stop puppy farms, stop online sales, and promote adoption here in the UK with rescues brimful post pandemic. 

Sam concurs with rescuing, and her own rescue a German Shepherd called Betty is a police dog, trained, but rejected in Romania. Having spent so much work on Betty explains why rescuing and rehabilitating dogs is just so rewarding. Fulfilling a talent and true love of dogs, Sam once wanted to become a dog trainer.  In her Art, Sam illustrates her ‘imaginary’ family and friends, and bring dogs into her art as characters that resonate. 
The wonderful naivety of Sam’s work is accessible capturing moments of joy, reflection, sadness and fun. Offering a range of art works and ceramics for auction, Sam also sketched the many dogs attending through the evening- including  Mr Binks!



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