A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Pet Bereavement Councillor,Daw Murray


This week we’re joined by Pet Bereavement Councillor, Dawn Murray. She has over 20 years experience working in the heart of the pet bereavement world, not only offering pet bereavement support but also as a pet undertaker.
She has won numerous awards in relation to her work including a Points of Light award. She lives near Edinburgh with her husband and two whippets. For many years she has had a passion for retired racing Greyhounds and has loved and lost over 25 of her own pets. In her book 'An Introduction to Pet Bereavement Counselling’ she highlights the psychology behind grief.
We talk about the different types of grief that different people can experience. Why many pet parents suffer greatly despite us all knowing that our pets simply don’t live long enough.
The book is relevant for everyone to read as it highlights many cases, proving we’re not alone. Losing a pet is for many greater and deeper than losing a family member. And why reaching out for help is good, especially in safe hands like Dawn.


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