A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Phil Green and Scarlett the Beagle

This week we’re joined by Phil Green, animal advocate, dog lover and proud pet parent to Scarlett the Beagle. Rescued by The Beagle Freedom Project in 2016 from a toxicology laboratory in Hungary, she had been bred by Marshall Bio Resources at the huge HQ in New York for the purpose of vivisection.


Scarlett is one of the very few lucky ones enabled freedom, aged only two years.  Both Phil and Janie Green had their names down for a rescued Beagle, understanding the long socialisation journey ahead. Scarlett adapted very well to her rural life in Essex, and enjoys the sights, sounds and smells of woodlands, and outdoors that she was deprived of.


Scarlett has helped raise awareness of the atrocities that these Beagles endure in their very short terribly sad lives. In the hands of ‘white coats’ that justify their salaries from private ‘Big Pharma’ firms making everything from cleaning products to headache pills.


The practice of vivisection is morally and financially bankrupt in an age when we have advanced technology that can do testing more economically, accurately, and without causing huge suffering to animals - in this Beagle.


Scarlett has become the face of many campaigns , not least The Camp Beagle, to raise awareness and urge the public to support her in getting vivisection - the dark secret - raised in Parliament, get legislation amended in line with the Animal Welfare Act.

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