A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Rosie Fuller - Top Dog Film Festival

This week Anna is joined by Rosie Fuller of the Top Dog Film Festival UK Tour. Created in Australia, it brings a selection of independent short films into an immersive cinema experience that is dedicated to highlighting the amazing capacity of dogs to impact on and enrich our lives.
Available to watch for a limited three day period from January 20th, the films take us on an around the world starting in Greenland where we see how modern lifestyles and modern technology are affecting the future of sled dogs - once synonymous with this landscape.
The underlying theme is about truly understanding why dogs are not accessories or status symbols. Why dogs really love to ‘work’ ,have a purpose as part of a family. And why this helps you get the best out of your dog, building trust, communication and respect.
One film takes us inside a prison looking at an innovative scheme where a rescue centre called Happy Dogs places dogs to live and be cared for by prison inmates. Perhaps the most telling of the films, highlighting the impact these dogs have on their carers, in their rehabilitation.  Another looks at the wonder of training to create a doggy dancing team, to the bond between farmers and their sheepdogs, without which they wouldn’t be able to farm!!
This new collection of films will make you laugh, cry and fall in love with man’s best friend all over again.
The Top Dog Film Festival is produced by the team behind the Banff Mountain Film Festival in the UK and Ireland, and is running as part of their Winter Series of virtual events.
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