A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Roz Lishak of By Benji

This week Anna is joined by Roz Lishak co-founder of By Benji to chat about Trick and Treat on Howl-O-Ween. We chat about the range of unique Biltong beef treats that are made in the UK by slowly air-drying the beef in a herbal marinade for extra tenderness and palatability. And why By Benji is all about championing healthy species appropriate treats to complement a healthy natural diet for your pooch.


Anna is conscious that many people forget how treats count to the overall health and calorie intake for your dog. And why using high value rewards you can train the most complex ticks, but above all it's about training the basic cues, not least the elusive recall that is essential in today’s busy public spaces.


Roz highlights the range that includes enrichment chews, handy training treats, the biltong sausage varieties that are softer and crumblier, ideal for older dogs and puppies. And there’s the Biltong food topper, which is great to get fussy eaters eating. Ultimately Roz champions training and using the delicious biltong to bring joy to both the dogs and their pawrents.


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