A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Ruth Milner

This week we’re down at the Mind, Body and Spirit show where we caught up with Ruth Milner talking about ‘Red Light Therapy’. As a member of the International Light Association, Ruth is an expert authority on the power of light as a healing modality.


We discuss the sudden boom in LED sourced Red and Near Infrared devices, which have flooded the beauty market recently. We chat why not all ’devices’ are the same in their evidence based doses.


We discuss the how light interacts with our cells at a biological level to provide vital energy and power ATP. We discuss the latest volume of The Power of Light, Colour and Sound for Health and Wellness from the International Light Association, in which Ruth’s chapter of using a device called Photizo has helped all creatures great and small: from tigers, elephants, horses, dogs and even hedgehogs.


And we discuss why the Photizo range gained its Medical CE status -with so many applications to help on a human level too - we chat notably about evidence on Red Light and Parkinson's disease. But we also discuss why ‘Red Light Therapy’ uses a modality termed by MeSH in 2015 - its called Photobiomodulation.

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