A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Sarah Hollinshead at Attest

This week Anna is joined by Sarah Hollinshead, Head of Brand & Content at Attest, which is one of the largest consumer SaaS platforms.


We’re chatting about a new study that reveals that Brits are still barking mad about dogs. Flying in the face of the soaring cost of living pet parents prioritise their pets and go the extra mile, notably taking the time to shop at their local pet boutique, rather than online.


The research confirms that dogs and cats are important family members. Brits are making a significant effort to make their pets feel a part of everyday life - from birthday celebrations, to home-cooked food and regular outings.


Moreover the research reflects the changing face of pet ownership and the huge impact pets have on our lives - for the better. It appears Britain is still a nation of animal lovers!

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