A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Tia Wardell - Top Kids Club

This week Anna is joined by Police Dog Handler, Dave Wardell and his daughter Tia. Aged only 12 Tia could be the youngest dog trainer in the world! Running into Christmas in 2021 , Tia decided to launch Top Kids Club a series of videos called 25 tricks to train before Christmas.

Highlighting short training sessions with her own dog, rescued French Bulldog, Harper. Tia could be a chip off the old block, but as Dave explains, she’s be a natural around dogs in their home since a toddler.

Tia shows that children and dogs can be best friends, and demonstrates why training is not just fun, but crucial to building trust and communication with your dog. Her videos streaming on all platforms, clearly show just how easy it is to build focus and teamwork with your dog.

What could be better than being active, building a relationship with your canine companion in real time?

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