A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Will Green on sustainability in the pet market

This week Anna is joined by Will Green MA, Executive MBA Programme at the University of Winchester and Sales and Marketing Director of Paleo Ridge.


We discuss sustainability in the pet industry, focusing on the model adopted by Paleo Ridge as a raw food firm supplier, setting eco-standards in terms of making feeding raw not only ‘peace of mind for your dog', but also for the planet.


In an age where Veganism is being suggested for dogs we discuss why ethical farming is needed to save the planet and maintain the bio-diversity without which the planet cannot thrive.


And why of course dogs need to eat meat! Will explains the different aspects in Paleo Ridge’s production that offsets Co2, and why we shouldn’t consider dog ownership as contributing to global warming, but consider the offsets in Co2 that can be achieved simply with the the mantra: reuse, reduce and recycle.


Never underestimate a dogs role as man’s best friend, helping to better our physical and mental health.


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