A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined my Morag Sutherland of the Raw Feeding Vet Society

This week Anna is joined by Vet Nurse and Behaviourist, Morag Sutherland. Apart from boasting a long career as an in-practice vet nurse, Morag is one of the founders of the Raw Feeding Vet Society (RFVS).


Not only passionate about feeding animals as nature intended, Morag as clinical experience highlighting how dogs thrive on a balanced, complete species appropriate diet comprising a lot meat as natural born carnivores.


Morag discusses in a balanced way why forward thinking Vets, Vet Nurses, Wellness experts, and Natural Care practitioners have become members of the RFVS to champion natural feeding, raise awareness, and counter common  misnomers, whilst endorsing safe raw feeding, especially through a new initiative called RawSafe.


Morag also chats about her training and behaviour services called Gelert Behaviour Training, which follows the principles outlined by the UK Charter and embraces the latest science on emotional pain and stress as well as how nutrition affects behaviour and much more.

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