A Dog's Life with Anna Webb on dog friendly screenings at the Picturehouse Central

This week we’re joined by Amber Pegden, Marketing Manager at The Picture House Central. Based in Piccadilly in the heart of London’s Theatre land and Soho, it's also home to very special dog friendly screenings.


Amber has been instrumental in creating this extremely popular dog-centric cinematic experience. She chats about why as a dog owner herself she understands why fellow dog owners would prefer to go and see films with their dogs. Interestingly it's not to see Lassie or 101 Dalmatians, it's the latest ‘blockbuster’ movies.


We talk about how Anna’s own Mr Binks is a seasoned cinema goer, and how Prudence, my Bull terrier, went to see the multi-award winning Isle of Dogs, created in Hackney in London.


Amber highlights the thought behind her project which includes a seat for your dog that’s included in the price for a single human seat. On entering the Auditorium dogs are offered their own blanket to keep their seat dog hair free, with fresh bowls of water dotted around for the dogs. There’s dog-friendly ice cream on offer, and of course dog-friendly popcorn too. We chat about the joyous spirit of these screening where like minded folk get together and celebrate their dogs.Its a chance to sharpen their training, as well as meet and greets.


As my personally most favourite thing to do as an inspired concept taking dog friendly to new limits. What’s extraordinary is that the dogs really enjoy it and settle.


In over six years there’s never been a complaint about dog hair or any allergic reactions! It has to be experienced to be believed! Later, Anna joins her friends Jo Good, Henry Brandman, and Caroline Brill, all with their dogs to see the Barbie Movie.

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