A Dog's Life with Anna Webb on the XL Bully Judicial Review

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We’re  joined by Amber Ellis  theofficialbullycollective and Felix Robinson PetTrustUK talking about the urgent fundraising appeal initiated by Sophie Coulthard #dontbanmelicenseme
The funds raised so far have allowed for Barrister John Cooper QC  to be appointed and serve Thérèse Coffey, EFRA and DEFRA, with a Pre Action Protocol Letter in Judicial Review.  The capital is to fund the Judicial Review on the XL Bully ban as the case proceeds. With a tight deadline, groups are campaigning to raise the remaining funds to ensure the suit goes forward. As part of the banning so many owners face the fact that the ban is based on measurements. 
Or as it stands there is only one measurement which is 19 inches or more in height. A chunky build, some wrinkles, and muscular shoulder blade are the definitions.
Felix explains why she on realising this, and that her Boxer, Sammy, fits this ‘type’ measurement (as do many other breeds and mixes). Understanding the fear of going out with your dog Pet Trust UK has created a digital dog tag containing proof of insurance, exemption, vets, and a raft of other valuable information be in one place - making supplying proof of paperwork is simple in the event its needed.

As a landmark situation years after the Dangerous Dogs Act has clearly not worked, the Judicial review will challenge its restrictions as breaking the Animal Welfare Act, and the Five Freedoms. It will also present the science behind why banning a breed is NOT the way forward, rather licensing, education, support at all levels in line with a nation of animal lovers.
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