A Dog's Life with Anna Webb talking #CheckYourChipDay

This week Anna is joined by Debbie Matthews from The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA) and by Amy Wigg - co-founder of the new Pet Database, talking about National #CheckTheChipDay.


Raising awareness of the importance to keep your pet’s chip up to date, Amy Wigg chats about the newly launched Pet Database, that is the first microchip database that's free for pet owners to upload, and easily access their pet’s chip, and  100% DEFRA compliant.


Unlike other big databases it's high tech design ensures maximum security and peace of mind, whilst easy to navigate for pet parents. We discuss why having several databases can confuse and slow the process to be reunited with their owners.


With one database arguably similar to the DVLA system, there would be less confusion through centralisation. With certain database functions (in line with data protection), the Pet Database offer features that can help trace your pet, and unlike others, is free no matter how many times you change your details. #makechipscount.


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