A Dog's Life with Anna Webb with Steve Ignorant, the lead singer of The Crass

This week Anna is joined by Steve Ignorant, the lead singer of the anarchic punk rock band, The Crass. He’s chatting about why animal activism was very much a part of the sub culture of punk rock. And he explains why he is so passionate about animals and why he despises all cruelty and neglect. Being a massive dog lover he is supporting the campaign Say No To Dog Meat, particularly in line with the recent barbaric Yulin Festival that has happened again in Beijing. Dogs are often cooked alive in what is a new festival set up in 2009 in a bid to honour ancient ‘dog eating traditions. Say No To Dog Meat is a charity headed by Julia de Cadernet whose team based in Beijing works tirelessly to save dogs from Chinese meat markets and re-homes dogs globally. Steve is also passionate about Bull terriers having been owned by them for 24 years. We chat about their quirks, and why they’re simply a breed apart.

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