Anna Webb on This Morning

Anna Webb This Morning from Phill Bernier on Vimeo.


was invited to back up Chris Packam’s radical statement that the UK is “dog:ist” on ITV’s This Morning. Production wanted me to bring a dog onto the set:  the question was which one?

Without my stalwart TV partner, Molly, this was a difficult call to make as neither Miss Prudence or Mr Binks (AKA Dexter ) had ever been on a TV set, let alone live on the sofa!

As luck would have it on the day the decision was made for me. Prudence was to join in the ‘doggy party’ stage right of the set. She mingled well especially with a Bulldog pup her own age called Ted.

Mr Binks proved himself as the star. He sat poised and composed on my knee. The occasional sideways glance n Prudence’s direction was priceless, as if to say: “Prudence, don’t let us down!”

I think Molly would have been proud of my first TV airing without her. That said Prudence has a lot to learn!