Bone Broth is isotonic -its a cellular energy drink

Bone broth is ‘en trend’ at the moment that’s not just for dogs but for humans too!


That’s indeed for good reason as Bone broth is one of the oldest and simplest natural superfoods, known for centuries for its health boosting effects.


Once considered a bit of a ‘eccentric’ thing to do many of us, like myself, have made our own bone broth. It is a bit of a faff to be honest, and the aroma of chicken whilst exciting to the dogs, it is a bit pungent.


Making any Bone Broth takes 12 minimum, ideally longer to ensure that the nutrients from the bone, the meat, and the skin are released. I use a whole organic chicken roasted carcass – covered with cold filtered water and one tablespoon of organic cider vinegar. I’ve always kept it simple. It’s always gone down a treat.


As Paleoridge has just launched its range of Bone Broth in three varieties: Lamb, Beef and Chicken, its been wonderful to have a choice of broths just delivered. I trust Paleoridge’s ethics, and that the bones used are antibiotic and hormone  free, and that the water used is filtered.


I like to think of Bone Broth as a ‘cellular energy drink”. Dogs need to stay hydrated and nourished at a cellular level. A lot of their water intake should be through their food, not easy if feeding a dry kibble diet!


Broth offers an ‘Isotonic’ drink as its packed with electrolytes: minerals like sodium and potassium that make it more effective at hydration than water alone.


Its palatability encourages dogs to drink on hot summer days, helps dogs in recovery, or post -surgery to drink and replenish their body fluids. It’s an ideal first food following an illness, or tummy upset as its simply concentrated bio-available liquid nutrition. It promotes a healthy gut as it contains amino acids / proteins like Glycine, which decrease inflammation in the gut and build tissues in the gut lining.


Supporting the immune system (in the gut), it can help de-tox the liver. Plus, Bone Broth contains calcium, chondroitin and glucosamine sulphates for joint health. Packed with minerals including silicon, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus. It is 100% natural and species appropriate.


Frozen broth treats are great summer coolers, freeze the bone broth in ice cube trays, serve as ice cubes for an instant hot weather cool down. Or use ice lolly moulds to keep your dog hydrated and cool. Bone Broth can tempt the fussiest eaters to tuck into their food. It can be used a gravy to add mouth-watering topper to processed foods.


Great for performance dogs to re-hydrate their tired muscles, great for any recovery, great for senior dogs needing extra support, or just served as a snack through the day as a delicious drink to boost overall wellness.


Every dog is an individual when it comes to how much to give your dog, but two tablespoons per five kilos is suggested but if your dog wants a bit more it won’t hurt!