Collette Cooper Returns


Why are we still experimenting on animals?

I’m discussing this with singer, actor and animal rights activist, Collette Cooper 

Talking about why harsh training methods are outdated and wrong in line with the latest research on pandemic dog behaviours from The Royal Vet College 

Highlighting the dreadful plight of Beagles being tortured in the name of ’science’, we talk about the imminent discussion in Parliament, urging people to sign the petition to help end this needless suffering and abject cruelty.

We also chat about other Petitions, including #Canthekibble and the news of Pet Abduction becoming a separate criminal offence.

We talk about health and training, and how Collette’s Parsons Jack Russell, Billy, benefits from eating a raw balanced and complete diet.

And why keeping your home toxin free using natural cleaning products like those from Ingenious Probiotics 

Helping reduce any indoor stressors- as indoor environments are 3.5 times more polluted than outdoors!