A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Jo Good joins Anna for a stroll down memory lane as The Barking Blondes

I met Jo Good on her roof to record this episode as the roof has fond memories when we filmed Sky1’s A Different Breed.


The skateboarding scene was landmark as Molly my first Miniature Bull Terrier decided to run towards the edge!





We discuss how we met on an BBC Inside Out ‘dogumentary’ called Furkids when Jo and just hot it off as we had many common reference points. Cutting edge for its day in 2008, it sowed the seeds for what would become the only dedicated dog slot on the BBC.


Called Barking at the Moon Jo and I aired on BBC Radio London between 10pm – midnight for three years.


Known for our signature catch phrase – woof woof, the show spawned a book and TV series including The Titchmarsh Show and Sky1’s A Different Breed.


Barking at the Moon moved to daytime and is now called The Barking Hour. In its eleventh year, she slot pulls in listeners and is one of the most popular slots on the station.


Pulling is listeners from around the world, we continue to make deliver breaking news, and dogcentric messages pitched accessibly. Airing in the summer on the BBC Piazza ( where the One Show films), we’d broadcast live. Surround by listeners and their dogs.


Our book called The Barking Blondes (how two bitches taught two bitches to survive without men) was published by Octopus in 2012.  


Jenny Murray on Woman’s Hour spring-boarded our aim to be on every local radio station to promote it.


Jo Good and Anna Webb on the roof


On our way back from doing Radio Norwich, we got the news that The Titchmarsh Show had confirmed us a Pet Experts for three series between 2013 and 2014.


We had the best time on the show and loved all the production team, and of course Alan Titchmarsh who is a gift and generous presenter.


Tackling subjects from pet theft, raw food feeding and immortalising your pet, Molly my Miniature Bull terrier and Matilda Jo’s Bulldog were the stars!


We talk a lot about Molly as her passing in 2015 was utterly and totally devastating. I completely de-railed and found talking the ‘hair of the dog’ cure a bitter pill to swallow.

But Molly is proof that dogs represent chapters in our lives and that the wheel of life must keep turning.

And why her successor, Prudence embodies the next chapter, and why you often don't get the dog that you want, but the dog that you need. 

We talk about Crufts when we joined Clare Balding on the sofa and judged the Crufts Factor.

We explain why we decided our brand would feature fluorescent pink and orange silk trousers.


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