Jasmine's Law - tackling Landlords and the ‘No Pets’ policy

Members of Parliament across the main political parties unite behind the proposed bill.

The blanket policy of most landlords to refuse pets in their properties is being challenged. Conservative Member of Parliament Andrew Rosindell recently proposed new legislation to the House that puts limits on landlords to impose the ‘no pets policy’.




Dubbed ‘Jasmine’s Law’ - named after a Weimaraner in Surrey whose owner Jordan was unable to move into new premises without her - Andrew is “standing up for all pets and pet parents” everywhere.

It’s perfectly reasonable for pet-lovers to keep a well-behaved pet in their home. So why are landlords keeping these would-be tenants at arm’s length?.

There are plenty of articles about Jasmine’s Law in the press. And you might have heard about it briefly on the radio.

But there’s nothing better than a dedicated episode in a podcast.

Please join me, Anna Webb on A Dog’s Life with Anna Webb, where I interview Andrew Rosindell directly.

The energetic discussion also covers mandatory scanning of micro-chips at Vet surgeries and the Dangerous Dogs Act. As well as the annual dog show at Parliament, Boris Johnson’s dog Dylan and more.

Jasmine’s Law has cross-party support. Labour and Liberal Democrat Members of Parliament are getting behind Andrew’s bill. Charities and organisations have also come forward with their support.

But this also needs the support of dog owners across the UK for the Government to make this bill a priority.

Find out more by listening to A Dog’s Life with Anna Webb, available on all good platforms. More information available here. And keep an eye out for the hashtags #apetineveryhome #jasmineslaw


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