A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Katrina from Katrina and the Waves talks about poodles and music


Adhering to social distancing rules, Katrina and I met at the famously dog friendly pub The Spaniards Inn.

Situated close to the Heath, we chatted about why Toy Poodles captured Katrina’s heart, and the devastating heart break when your beloved best friend passes.



Talking candidly about Peggy, her first Toy Poodle, Katrina explained how she opened her heart. Only to break it.

Resisting even visiting a puppy that represented almost a clone of Peggy, Katrina eventually fell in love again and named her Peggy’s successor - Little P.

We chat about why its so hard  to take the plunge and bring another dog into your life, not least when Miss P is practically a clone!  But, is a completely different personality. And why Miss P injected a real spark of life to Katrina's life again.

Why it’s so great to live with a truly Hypo-allergenic breed, and the commitment to regular grooming. And highlighting why hypo-allergenic it’s not always guaranteed in the many ‘doodle’ crosses.


Katrina from Katrina and the Waves


Miss P features in Katrina’s new album – Hearts, Loves and Babys’ in the video for her new single Drive.

Talking about her inspiration to the new album as being the Lower East Side and Blondie. And our mutual respect for the legend that is Debbie Harry.

And the challenges of making the Album’s videos, in Lockdown! 

Also how Little P continues Peggy’s legacy in Katrina’s ‘MetroPoodle’ book series that includes  Peggy Lee Does London – an amazing photographic collection revealing a Toy Poodle's view of London.

We chat about dog friendly cinema and the joys of London and Britain as being so dog friendly.  Why training and socialising is so important for traveling and spending time with your dog.

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