'Lest We Forget' New memorial set to commemorate dogs that have served in our Armed Forces.

The bravery of dogs who served in conflicts around the world is to be recognised in a moving memorial for the first time. 

The National Military Dogs memorial will be created by Andy Edwards, who designed the iconic Beatles sculpture in Liverpool, and will feature four brave dogs whose heroic actions saved many lives and boosted morale through dark times in the nation's history.



Celebrity patrons of the project include the author Damien Lewis who famously wrote 'Judy, Dog In A Million' about one of the brave canines who will be immortalised at the memorial in Flintshire North Wales is Judy. 

Judy was the only dog to be recognised as a prisoner of war during the Second World War, and was awarded the Dicken Medal in 1946 for saving lives and boosting morale in the horrific Sumatran prisoner of war camps. 

Speaking to Anna Webb's A Dog's Life Podcast, campaigner Emma Ward explained why it is so important to have a memorial for our service dogs. She said: "Dogs were a very important part of the military and we think they deserve recognition for what they have done. 

She added: "When we looked at where we are situated the memorial it's very central, particularly when you are looking also at dogs that served in Northern Ireland. A lot of the existing memorials to animals are always down south, so it's nice to get something a little bit further north. 

"We've been gifted the land and it will have its own entrance and be open to the public. "Other memorials for dogs have been at the side of a military base, so aren't open to the public."

"It's a long overdue memorial, many military personnel have tried for years to get this in the National Memorial Arboretum but without any success." 

The memorial will consist of a central traditional folly, with four decorative paths leading north south each and west, with hero dogs Judy, Theo, Lucky and Buster representing the military branch in which they served. The renowned sculptor also created the Police Dog Memorial, and the dogs will be depicted 'in action'. 

The memorial will also be the first of its kind not to have a generic dog representing service dogs. 

Host Anna Webb enthused: "A Dog’s Life highlights why every dog is extraordinary, and how our understanding of dogs is changing to credit them from possibly saving us from ourselves. Remembrance Day is vital to pay respects, remember - lest we forget. "Every dog is a hero, but the dogs that served were Diligent, Resolute, Fearless and Relentless often paying the ultimate sacrifice as man’s best friend.”

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