A Dog's Life with Anna Webb. Police Dog Handler Dave Wardell talks about Fabulous Finn and Finns Law


This episode highlights the extraordinary bond that exists between dogs and their owners – it epitomises the adage: ‘one man and his dog”!

Dave speaks openly about the horror of being out on a routine ‘shift’ when the criminal they were pursuing stabbed K9 Finn leaving him a breath away from death.



We chat about guilt, which is an emotion that haunts many of us for different reasons.  As the best-selling book - Fabulous Finn, highlights he survived, but it could easily have been different. 

This criminal was charged with only a 5-month sentence for his savage actions.  Subsequently Dave Wardell campaigned for a law #FinnsLaw, which became legislation that protects all service animals.

We also discuss his campaign for #FinnsLawPart2, which if passed will increase sentencing for all animal cruelty and neglect cases in line with the crime considering animals as sentient beings rather than simply as property.  

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