A Dog's Life with Anna Webb. Dr Claire Guest co-Founder of Medical Detection Dogs talks about their Covid-19 super sniffers

Through Lockdown dogs have never been more in the news! Not least when the charity Medical Detection Dogs announced they were training six dogs to sniff out COVID19.


I was honoured to be the first podcast to air this landmark news! I helped launch Medical Detection Dogs in 2007 when a scientific study published in The Lancet revealed that dogs could discriminate the odour of bladder cancer in human urine. This trial, which involved the charity’s first team of super sniffers, launched their work to prove diseases have an odour, which could help in the earlier detection of many cancers and more.   How by harnessing a dog’s superior olfaction, dogs can be trained to work with people suffering from conditions like diabetes, and alert to life threatening episodes to save lives! With over 300 million scent receptors in their nose, which compares to our five million, the potential of these super sniffers might just save us from ourselves!

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