TV Vet and Campaigner Marc Abraham talks Lucy's Law and Banning Puppy Imports

TV Vet and Campaigner Marc Abraham joined me on A DOG'S LIFE to talk about Lucy's Law and why he's now campaigning to Ban Puppy Imports after the overwhelming and unprecedented demand for puppies in the pandemic.

Whether this sudden boom in ‘puppy love’ was a reaction to loneliness or to provide entertainment for the kids. One thing’s for sure a ‘dog is for life, not just for Lockdown”!

The new legislation Lucy’s Law became effect in England on April 6th 2020. Lucy’s Law bans the third party sale of puppies. However Lockdown spurred people to buy puppies online and pay the price with heartbreak.

As lockdown rules prohibited people from travelling to see and buy a puppy, the more unscrupulous ‘doggy dealers’ optimised lockdown by delivering puppies door to door after an online puppy purchase.  

The case of the Love Island couple, whose puppy Pomeranian, Mr Chai, died just days after arriving from Russia spurred a petition: Ban The Exploitative Import of Young Puppies For Sale into the UK.

Receiving over 100,000 signatures in 41 days, this unprecedented momentum assures #BanPuppyImports will be discussed in Parliament.

Mr Chai had been purchased legally (although not in line with Government and Defra’s guidelines to see the puppy interacting with its mother).

Mr Chai was bred in Russia and like many puppies bred overseas and shipped to the UK he suffered health issues.

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