A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Danish Vet Lise Hansen about neutering, when a bomb hit the Vet profession


I caught up with Danish Alternative Vet Lise Hanson when Lockdown was eased to discuss the big question: To Neuter or not to Neuter?

Recent scientific studies suggest that it should be the latter and in Norway it is illegal to spay or neuter. Similarly in Sweden the majority do not spay….could we take inspiration and lessons from Scandinavia?



Plus we discuss Titre Testing as a way of proving your dog’s lifelong immunity from their puppy shots. And managing your dog’s immunity to the core diseases without the need to over vaccinate, Lise explains why this is so important to pre-empt many reactions caused by Vaccinosis

And we chat about finding a vet you can trust. Why it's often worth travelling an extra mile for peace of mind. Some questions to ask a new vet could start with Titre Testing, and whether their practice offers this simple blood test.

You want a Vet that stays up to date with the latest science and to be open minded to support a fresh, unprocessed and species appropriate diet. 

We discuss why integrated practice is the way forward as we live in an age where the holistic view to embrace modalities like: Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Massage and LED Light therapy allows idiosyncratic treatment plans for every individual dog. 

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Lise's book: The Complete Book of Cat and Dog Health.