A Dog's Life with Anna Webb. Alternative Vet Lise Hansen discusses Homeopathy

I’m honoured that Lise Hansen is A DOG’S LIFE ‘house Vet’. I am a great believer in holistic healthcare.

When I was referred to a holistic vet 12 years ago, I never turned back!  But continued to embrace the huge toolbox that underpins the more natural ‘drug free’ approach. 



Lise highlights so clearly how homeopathy works and the science behind it, which lies in the laws of physics. As Lise says: “If you analyse the chemicals of a CD, it’s just plastic, you have no idea it’s Beethoven or The Beatles!”


Lise explains that she was motivated to integrate Homeopathy into her practice as the conventional tools namely anti-biotics, pain killers, steroids, can lead to other illnesses by only targeting the symptoms of the chronic disease, rather than the cause.

 Vet Lise and Hansen and Anna Webb discusses Homeopathy on A DOG'S LIFE

Explaining how Homeopathy works, Lise explains how a highly diluted substances resonates in the body to help use electro-magnetism.


Homeopathy is a much older modality having being launched in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann back in the 1700’s.


Despite Lise and many other holistic vets proving that Homeopathy works as an effective cure targeting the cause of a disease rather than the symptoms.


The point of Homeopathy and alternative treatment is all about treating the individual. From what has been wrong with the dog before. Are they hot or are the cols. Are they sociable, needy in other words the diagnosis is not about the disease, but treating the patient.


Taking years of experience to understand the remedies in Homeopathy and in the right potency makes Homeopathy a constant learning curve. And why every patient must be treated individually – even every Westie that has itchy paws will be treated differently.


Anna Webb Lise Hansen and her book the Complete Book of Cat and Dog health


As Lise Says: The Westie licking its paws is an example of curing a condition, which are often never cured conventionally, and pet parents are referred to a Homeopath as a last resort.


 When everything else conventionally hadn’t worked, even when overtime the condition had been made worse by side effects to drugs, the long haul on the immune system and many face euthanasia.  But remarkably Lise confirmed that many of these animals referred to her made a full recovery.


Often finding that Homeopathy cured their pet, these owners become angry with everybody, including themselves, for not being able to help their dog until they tried Homeopathy. There was an answer all along! 


Lise also explains why Acupuncture and Homeopathy work so well as complementary modalities, and how Traditional Chinese Medicine also works electro-magnetically to ease pain, and channel energy to cure disease.


Lise discusses why a handful of conventional vets tried to ban Homeopathy. Again, this analysis is based chemistry rather than physics – and it’s the physical resonance that can be repeated with great effect.


So, both modalities are approaching disease from different paradigms, rather than accepting that conventional medicine is one alternative that can be enhanced by Homeopathy or vice versa.


The biggest irony is in Arnica a well-known remedy available in high street chemists apparently works very well to cure bruising, swelling and is great in a first aid box. But if Arnica works so well, why can’t other remedies?


The future for me lies in an integrated veterinary approach that uses the breadth of our understanding to help all dogs live long and happy lives.

The Alternative Vet talks to Anna about homeopathic therapy for dogs.



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