Water Melon - is it good for your dog? Yes it is, here's why!

It’s a sweet, juicy fruit comprising of 92% water (giving it top status on fruits with high water content) and has a nutrient density few fruits have.


While it’s a preferred choice for people, it’s also a healthy and hydrating dog treat!


As packed with nutrients and moisture as the watermelon is, there are some things to consider when offering a bite to your pooch. 


Moisture: A high moisture percentage (94%) helps with hydration, an important consideration in hot weather.


Antioxidants: Repairs cells damaged from environmental stresses put on our bodies and that of our dogs. 


Lycopene: It’s what contributes to the beautiful red in watermelon and tomatoes. It’s also beneficial for cancer prevention and supporting vision in dogs. Research has also suggested it slows the rate of cancer growth.


Potassium: Supports healthy kidney and heart function, promotes healthy bone density and helps muscle development.


Vitamin C: Another powerful antioxidant, boosts the immune system, and reduces inflammation.


Fibre: Keeps food moving through the intestinal tract to avoid constipation, its a prebiotic.


Vitamin A: Supports proper function and quality of skin, coat, muscles, and nerves.


Vitamin B6: A critical coenzyme for brain and body functions regulating balance, building proteins, regulating hormones, and supporting neurotransmitters in your dog’s body.

So yes Water Melon is a super food especially in the heat, BUT beware of the seeds!! These should be removed as they can cause a blockage - yikes!! And the outer skin, whilst not toxic, can create a tummy upset. 

Best served as cubes or turned into a sorbet in a KONG of ice cube trays, even make into a yoghurt smoothie. 

A super cooler for your dog and you too!