Discussing the XL Bully Ban with Dr Roger Mugford

This week we’re joined by Animal Psychologist, Dr Roger Mugford, discussing the recent ban of the American XL Bully. We chat about Dr Roger’s experience in 1991 when the knee jerk Dangerous Dogs Act legislation was introduced.


Designed to keep the public safe from dog bites and incidents, evidence is clear that the law has simply not worked. Dog bites increase to rise, at a record high earlier this year, up 34% since 2019, and with 18 deaths caused by dogs in the past 18 months.


The XL Bully being accountable for eight of these tragic mortalities. Government's decision to ban the the XL Bully type is a massive concern as Dr Roger explains, the XL Bully is a ’designer crossbreed’, a mix of four or five different breeds.


Therefore they vary in size, head shape, ear carriage and a mix of a boxer crossed Labrador could be mistaken for one of this ‘type’. Hundreds of innocent dogs could be ‘seized’ and separated from their owners until proved by DNA either not guilty or euthanised.


Also these ‘types’ are now being abandoned to rescues that imminently are not able to re-home dogs as defined by the DDA, meaning these dogs will be put to sleep.


As Dr Roger reiterates having been an Expert Witness for hundreds of dogs in court, banning a breed is not the solution, the only way forward is better accountability for dogs through education and regulating ownership.


Dogs are man’s best friend and should not be discriminated against by how the look, or pay the price for inexperienced owners or those exploiting a dogs’ strength for illegal dog fighting and intimidation.

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