Train my dog basic skills like recall, walking to heel and retrieve - Anna Webb

Train my dog basic skills like recall, walking to heel and retrieve

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I.0 x hour session

PDF notes supplied

Weekly follow up for 3 x weeks – 15 mins on what’s app


Cost: £180.00


  • In advance of the session, you’ll give me up to three behaviour issues you are experiencing
  • We will work on each with proactive solutions to desensitise, contextualise, and re-balance
  • I will explain simple exercises / games to play daily; what your aims are, and steps to progress
  • We’ll focus on team building through proactive play
  • I’ll explain why boundaries and consistency underpin all success in re-balancing
  • I’ll help you learn how to speak dog, so that communication doesn’t get lost in translation
  • We will look at routines, and punctuating your day around your dog to pre-empt old habits
  • We will encourage confidence in anxious dogs, calmness in hyper sensitive dogs, by building trust through play
  • I’ll explain how to think like a dog, and see the world from your pooch’s perspective
  • Not forgetting the holistic picture and how all behaviours are interrelated

Why you can have confidence in me and the programme we devise together for your dog

  • I combine my Psychology degree with my study The College of Integrated Veterinary Studies, enabling me to help offer behavioural therapy with awareness for physical conditions, environmental stressors, and diet.
  • I am bound by, and committed to, the Veterinary Surgeon's Act and do not provide treatment without your dog's veterinary consent (a consent form is provided)
  • I contribute frequently to national television, radio and print media as an Expert in canine behaviour and nutrition. Regular appearances on BBC Radio 2 The Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio Scotland, GB News, Talk TV, Talk Radio, This Morning, Your Dog, Animal Therapy Magazine, My Weekly, and more
  • I am the co-host of Barking at the Moon weekly on BBC Radio Local and co-author of The Barking Blondes with Jo Good
  • I am the host of the award-nominated weekly podcast A Dog's Life with Anna Webb, available on all good platforms, featuring a range of interviews with the world's leading and most-respected proponents of science-backed natural care and preventative treatment for our canine companions
  • More than 20 years' experience, a member of IAAT, the International Association of Animal Therapists, a member of the Dog Registration Council and a Bronze Affiliate of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society


    Tom Lalande

    Anna came to run a 2 hour session at home with our Chihuahua pup and she was wonderful- very quickly Sasha picked up some commands and tricks and she gave us tips for life. The results were amazing! Anna has a great holistic approach and went through our house, toys, food and behaviour and we now feel ready to start training our pup at home. I strongly recommend Anna for your dog! 

    Lauren Alexander

    Anna has started working with us and Mavis, working on some of her stubborn and assertive behaviours through improving her nutrition and behaviour. In a short space of time, we’ve seen a massive difference already. Looking forward to this new chapter with Mavis, and working with Anna to continue to improve Mavis’s behaviours. 

     Colin Chalmers

    We recently contacted Anna to help us with the training of our 2-year-old Miniature Schnauzer. We were very impressed with Anna and her down to earth practical advice. She provided an in-depth rounded review covering everything from food, play, stimulation and routine. At the end of one visit, we have a pup who is loving her new food, much more playful and energetic and seeing ongoing improvements in behaviour every day. We would 100% recommend Anna.

    Alexia M

    Anna provided tips on calming anxiety in ways I never thought with the use of rugs to stop him skidding on our floors and she has overhauled our thinking when it comes to looking after our pup. -