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  • Bone Broth is isotonic -its a cellular energy drink

    Bone broth is ‘en trend’ at the moment that’s not just for dogs but for humans too!

    That’s indeed for good reason as Bone broth is one of the oldest and simplest natural superfoods, known for centuries for its health boosting effects.

    Once considered a bit of a ‘eccentric’ thing to do many of us, like myself, have made our own bone broth. It is a bit of a faff to be honest, and the aroma of chicken whilst exciting to the dogs, it is a bit pungent.

    As Paleoridge has just launched its range of Bone Broth in three varieties: Lamb, Beef and Chicken, its been wonderful to have a choice of broths just delivered. I trust Paleoridge’s ethics, and that the bones used are antibiotic and hormone  free, and that the water used is filtered.