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  • A Dog's Life with Fi Harrison from Birmingham Dogs Home

    This week Fi Harrison, Fundraising Manager, from Birmingham Dogs Home joins Anna to chat about their ‘Healing Hearts’ appeal. Its aim to raise £100,000 to help pawly pooches by investing in the own veterinary facility. Currently the Charity’s veterinary costs is over £200,000 annually in addition to the staff and running costs of their two facilities. The long term saving of an in house veterinary clinic will allow for more funds to spend on the rehabilitation of their dogs like Spike a Bulldog puppy with serious health issues and deal with emergency cases.
  • When Steve Pitron introduced two very different dogs - Suzy and Simba

    A rare interview with Island Records' Steve Pitron about his journey to becoming a pet parent. He rescued One Eyed Suzy from Thailand and against the odds successfully integrated Simba his Shiba Inu and Suzy the hardened street dog into living happily together in London. How he took inspiration from BBC Radio London's Barking Hour and was prepared for the commitment that pet parenthood really is.