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  • And They called it 'Puppy Love'!

    According to Psychology Today, the human mind naturally creates the need for people to develop close relationships as a means for survival.

    This basic instinct is what drives people to develop close relationships – and those relationships extend to our furry friends. Unlike human relationships, which can be complex and fraught with expectations, our pets offer a simple, pure form of companionship.

    One of the primary reasons we become so emotionally attached to our pets is the unconditional love and acceptance they provide.


  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Annie Wilson : What's in my Genes

    This week Anna is joined by Annie Wilson who has launched a petition to lobby Government to ensure that dog breeders health test all their breeding stock; and to act responsibly, putting health and temperament before profit. With only 30% of all puppies bred being registered with the Kennel Club and even fewer being Assured Kennel Club breeders.