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  • Training is fun in orange with MyLine by Anna Webb

    Whether you’ve just introduced a puppy, a rescue dog, or want to perfect a recall with your adult dog, MyLine makes training easy, consistent and fun. With outdoor spaces busier than ever a reliable recall is the most important command to teach your puppy / adult dog.  Apart from possibly saving your dog’s life one day, in an age of dog theft it’s unadvisable for your puppy / adult dog to ever leave your sight. MyLine will help you navigate distractions and with practice and repetition, your dog will learn that a five-metre approximate distance from you is the morally mandatory rule.

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Vet & Environmentalist, Andrew Prentis

    Vet and Environmentalist Andrew Prentis joins Anna to chat about the excremental rise in dog mess since the pandemic began. Without pointing fingers, it seems that it's the owners of the pandemic puppies who do not understand why it's so important to pick up and bin poop as a responsible owner. We chat about whether a reluctance to pick up is down to some poop’s consistency, as generally overly processed diets can product voluminous soft poop that can be tricky to pick up. In contrast, naturally fed dogs tend to poop firm, easy to bag stools. We touch on the impact to the environment and whether an abundance of the smelly stuff is a public health risk. But as the minority spoils things for the majority, its time to shape up, not least for your dog’s reputation and self respect.