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  • A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb, chatting to Broadcasting legend, Jenni Murray

    The Broadcasting legend Jenni Murray, famous for Woman’s Hour, joins Anna to chat about the dogs in her life. From Taffy her first, a Corgi mix, her Mini Schnauzers and to Butch the first of her Chihuahuas, playing a significant role in Jenni’s life, not least for being her steadfast companion as Jenni battled  cancer.Through this journey Jenni and Butch became inseparable, with his funny quirks revealing how dogs most certainly have emotional intelligence, intuition , and a sense of humour. Jenni’s book My Boy Butch is a tribute to this little dog, as well as defining some of her darkest times. We chat about new animal legislation and sentience, whether dogs should be vegan, and why dogs are a social network without technology.The role of women and dogs and vice versa. What dogs teach us. And why dogs remain a constant in times of change. We chat about Jenni's new podcast Now I’m Grown Up, highlighting how we can adapt and develop news skills sets, and why life is just better with a dog.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb: Author & Journalist Henry Mance

    The Financial Times’ Chief Features Editor Henry Mance joins Anna to chat about his incredible book: How to Love Animals in a Human Shaped World. We discuss how to bring balance back into our lives so that animals can live a fairer life. Investigating whether us humans should all give up eating meat, to the conflicts between animal activists, conservationists and environmentalists, it's an utterly brilliant read. Henry even worked in a slaughter house and on a pig farm to experience meat production on the ‘frontline’, revealing how meat gets on our plate, few have had such graphic insight. Whilst dogs sleep in our beds, pigs are gassed using carbon monoxide.