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  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb: Author & Journalist Henry Mance

    The Financial Times’ Chief Features Editor Henry Mance joins Anna to chat about his incredible book: How to Love Animals in a Human Shaped World. We discuss how to bring balance back into our lives so that animals can live a fairer life. Investigating whether us humans should all give up eating meat, to the conflicts between animal activists, conservationists and environmentalists, it's an utterly brilliant read. Henry even worked in a slaughter house and on a pig farm to experience meat production on the ‘frontline’, revealing how meat gets on our plate, few have had such graphic insight. Whilst dogs sleep in our beds, pigs are gassed using carbon monoxide.
  • A raw organic egg is good for your dog!

    An egg is a species appropriate whole food for your dog especially if fed raw. Why? It means the molecular structure of its nutrients are not compromised. The egg shell membrane remains intact which is packed with glucosamine and chondroitin. Plus the proteins and Omega's found in an egg make it a balanced complete snack for your dog.