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  • Why I love feeding Paleoridge!

    It's 'food for thought', why feeding for optimum health and behaviour will impact positively on your dog's health and behaviour!

    Just as highly processed ‘simple’ ‘high-glycemic’ refined sugary foods like biscuits can create sugar spikes in people, similar hyperactivity and an inability to focus occurs in dogs fed highly processed simple carbohydrate foods like ‘kibble’. Sugar highs are followed in people and dogs by sugar lows like lethargy, moodiness, and being irritable. But some pet parents mistake these behaviours as being ill-mannered or uncooperative, rather than attributing them to their dog’s food.

    Simple carbohydrates digest and absorb quicker, leaving dogs feeling hungry again quicker. Triggering undesirable begging behaviours, or munching on inappropriate ‘foods’ like your designer Chelsea boots. 

    As rescues see the aftermath of the ‘pandemic puppy boom’, re-sales of young dogs are soaring online. Could making a choice to feed a healthy raw balanced and complete diet like Paleoridge reduce dogs being abandoned for ‘bad’ behaviour problems?  

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb chatting to Judy Philips co founder of Sniffe & Likkit

    Sniffe & Likkit, joins Anna to talk about their range and brand ‘philoso-woofy'.

    The Sniffe is the key aspect across its grooming, fragrance and gifting products. Understanding that a dog’s sense of smell is over a million times more sensitive than ours, Sniffe & Likkit’s 100% natural aromatherapeutic scents won’t get up your dog’s nose. Rather dogs will love the signature fragrance: Woodland Wonderfur running in its grooming range.

    Formulated using essential oils like Cedarwood, Pettigrain, Vetiver and Ho Leaf. It’s aim to calm and soothe dogs, and bring the great outdoors into your home, and regular pampering routine. The aromatic scent is alluring and good for humans too!
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb. Alternative Vet Lise Hansen talks 'Itchy Dogs' and why the answers are environmental

    Vet Lise Hansen chats about 'Itchy Dogs', arguably the most common condition in modern vet practice. Lise explains why the cause of the itch lies oftentimes in the environment. Not as commonly thought in what dog's eat. Lise demystifies 'Hypo-allergenic' diets, and we discuss at length the value of the Titre Test. Also why pharmaceuticals like steroids simply cure the symptom rather than fixing the cause.



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