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  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb chatting to the team at Paleoridge

    This week Anna talks to the team from Paleo Ridge about the growth in the raw food market for pet parents, highlighting the health and behaviour benefits of feeding a natural species appropriate diet.

    CEO Tyler Daly  explains how the firm began , inspired by their own Rhodesian Ridgeback, diagnosed with cancer, and a severe prognosis. When his diet switched from processed to raw, the dog made a full recovery, and died of old age.

    We discuss with Will Green sales & Marketing Director the growth of the raw food market as an expanding slice out the £3billion pet food market in the UK.

  • Why I love feeding Paleoridge!

    It's 'food for thought', why feeding for optimum health and behaviour will impact positively on your dog's health and behaviour!

    Just as highly processed ‘simple’ ‘high-glycemic’ refined sugary foods like biscuits can create sugar spikes in people, similar hyperactivity and an inability to focus occurs in dogs fed highly processed simple carbohydrate foods like ‘kibble’. Sugar highs are followed in people and dogs by sugar lows like lethargy, moodiness, and being irritable. But some pet parents mistake these behaviours as being ill-mannered or uncooperative, rather than attributing them to their dog’s food.

    Simple carbohydrates digest and absorb quicker, leaving dogs feeling hungry again quicker. Triggering undesirable begging behaviours, or munching on inappropriate ‘foods’ like your designer Chelsea boots. 

    As rescues see the aftermath of the ‘pandemic puppy boom’, re-sales of young dogs are soaring online. Could making a choice to feed a healthy raw balanced and complete diet like Paleoridge reduce dogs being abandoned for ‘bad’ behaviour problems?